Bitters Are Good

The American diet focuses on a lot on meats, starches and that sweet taste. The idea of eating something bitter sounds absolutely awful to most of us. “Why would anyone eat such foods?”, one may ask. Well, this flavor has significant benefits to our health.  

Bitters stimulate our digestive juices. Some restaurants will serve a salad before the meal. The purpose of this is that the salad contains bitters that will active our digestive juices. This helps us digest our meals and assimilate the nutrients from our food.

B12, or cobalamin, is an important nutrient for our body. It needs a very acidic environment be absorbed. This is why Individuals with digestive issues or elders often have a hard time absorbing this nutrient because of insufficient stomach acid.

So as you are enjoying your holidays meals, remember those bitters are here to keep you healthy. Eat those wonderful bitters and enjoy the holidays.