Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding provides so many benefits to both mother and baby. It is not something that comes natural to many mothers, especially if a woman has not grown up around other breastfeeding mothers.

It takes patience, repetition and a lot of suBreastfeeding picturepport.  Here are three points to keep in mind during breastfeeding.

1) Ask yourself, why am I breastfeeding? Am I willing to do what it takes to breastfeed? How long do I plan to breastfeed? The purpose of these questions are for you, the mom, to be clear about what you want to accomplish. By doing so, should breastfeeding challenges arise, you can refer back to the answers to these questions as empowerment to get through the obstacle.
Then find healthcare providers, support groups, friends, and family members that will support your breastfeeding goal and be available to give you support.

2) An infant has a slower reaction time than adults. It takes the baby around 35 seconds for an infant to respond to a stimulus from the parent. This is also taking into account mom and baby are in a quite room away from any disruptive stimuli.
If you have worked with a lactation consultant, or watched another mother breastfeed, you know there is a way to properly latch the baby. Mom needs to role model what actions she wants her baby to take. This is were patience is important. The baby needs to first make eye contact with you and watch you open your mouth wide. Mom,then needs to wait until baby responds by opening wide.

3) Baby and mom are learning together. It take repetition to learn a new skill. Frustration on top of the lack of sleep can make this step feel impossible at times. Remember your breastfeeding goal. Focus on connecting with your baby. Look at his/her hands, feet, face. Feel the love you share together and enjoy the bonding process. If problems begin to arise, seek professional help and reach out to your support people.

There can be several issues that arise during breastfeeding. It is important that the issue be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further complications such as infant weight loss, nipple damage or low milk supply. Within the first month of breastfeeding, mothers often discontinue breastfeeding for reasons that can be prevented with early intervention.

Natural Reflections Healthcare offesr holistic breastfeeding support for mothers and infants. We work to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

What can I expect at a visit? For breastfeeding issues, expect to spend an hour and a half with the doctor. During the first appointment, time will be spent gathering history information, a physical of mother and baby,  as well as assessing how the infant is latching. Plan on several follow up visits to address the breastfeeding issue.

What may be involved in treatment? Our physicians work with patients to find the treatment that will work best for the family.   This may include counseling, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines and supplements. Additionally we work with other types of health providers to optimize breastfeeding success.