Stress Managment

Uncontrolled stress can wreck havoc on our immune systems. So what can we do  to keep our sanity and protect our health?

Here are a few suggestions…

    1. Breathing exercises – Breathing exercises are a great way to lower the heartrate and bring our bodies into a calmer state of being.
    1. Regular exercise – Regular exercise helps our bodies produce endorphins which give us that “feel good” feeling.
    1. Stay hydrated– Irritability is a sign of dehydration. Make sure to drink 8, 8oz cups of water a day.
    1. Blood sugar regulation – It is too easy to forget to eat when we are busy. Make sure to have healthy snacks and meals to eat each day.
  1. Trust – If we’ve put forth the work and effort into accomplishing a certain task, the next step is to trust all will work out as needed.